Best Membership plugin for WordPress

If you want to build a website with access to specific content for specific users, you can install S2 Member. S2 Member will allow you to create custom roles and capabilities. Then, you can restrict access to content (pages, posts, etc…) based on these roles and capabilities. On the other end, you can grant specific roles and capabilities to your users.

You can make your user pay via Paypal to access the restricted content. This is a good way to generate revenues from your blog.


Best plugin to post on Twitter for WordPress

With WP to Twitter, you can automatically share your posts on Twitter once they are published. This way, you ensure that all your Twitter followers will discover your new content and have a chance to read it and then retweet it with their own audience.

This plugin supports URL shortener. With the premium release, you can post to multiple Twitter accounts and also schedule your tweets.

Best Editor plugin for WordPress

The built-in post editor of WordPress is already pretty powerful. But there are ways to enhance its default functionalities with additional features. By installing TinyMCE Advanced, you’ll get access to a lot of options such as :

  • table creation/edition
  • text search/replace
  • font styling (family/size)
  • cut/copy & paste

With all these features, you have all the power of a word processor inside WordPress!

Best Download Manager plugin for WordPress

If you want to sell ebooks, S/W or pictures via your WordPress website, you’ll need a download manager to achieve that. WordPress Download Manager is the best plugin to setup a file manager coupled with an eCommerce solution.

With this plugin, you can sell digital items to your visitors. They will add the items to their shopping cart, pay and get instant access to their downloads. You have access to download stats.

Best Forum plugin for WordPress

WordPress can be used for a lot of different things. One of them is a forum. Yes, you can use WordPress to build a forum where people can interact! This can be achieved with BuddyPress plugin.

Once it is installed, please will be able to create topics and reply to other users. This is the best way to create a community based website on top of WordPress.

A lot of free and premium plugins are available for BuddyPress.

Best Pagination plugin for WordPress

If you’d like to ease navigation within your post archives, then you can install WP PageNavi. This plugin will add navigation elements at the bottom of your archives.

Rather than having the regular previous and next links, you’ll end up with the possibility to navigate directly to few pages forward and backward. This is better for the visitor. It allows to get them with just one click to the first or the last page of category or tag archives.