Best eCommerce solution for WordPress

Want to bring to life your online store? WooCommerce is the number 1 solution available on top of WordPress to quickly design your new ecommerce shop online.

A lot of free and premium add ons are available on top of WooCommerce to extend its default features and bring it to the next stage.

Install WooCommerce now and start selling your products online!


Best comment spam prevention plugin for WordPress

Tired of being flooder with SPAM in your blog comments? Don’t worry, there is an easy free solution that will catch 99% of the SPAM comments! It is called Askimet! This plugin is shipped by default with WordPress and it is strongly advised to activate it to prevent spammers from flooding your blog with scrap!

From the dashboard, you can see how many comments have been flagged as SPAM by Askimet and then you can get to the comments section to clean them up or approve them in the rare situation where Askimet would have flagged legit comments as spam.

Best caching plugin for WordPress

Looking to optimize the page loading time of your blog? Opt for a cache plugin! Rather than having pages created on demand when a visitor is browsing them, this plugin will create static version of the pages thus reducing drastically the time required to load a page!

With more than 1 million of active users, W3 Total Cache is the most widely used cache plugin for WordPress. It includes all the features you could expect from a caching plugin like css and js minification, static page creation, etc…

Best SEO plugin for WordPress

Looking for the best SEO solution for WordPress? Yoast SEO is by far the best SEO plugin for WordPress. This is the plugin you need to install if you want your website to skyrocket in Google!

It includes all the features you need for a successful SEO strategy : sitemap file, custom title, meta description, robots control and even on page analysis!

The plugin is free. Some premium add ons are available.

Best Contact Form plugin for WordPress

Looking for the best contact form plugin for WordPress? Contact Form 7 is the best plugin to create contact forms in WordPress. It is very easy to setup and has a lot of options to customize the content of emails delivered to the website admin. This is the right way to keep the contact with your customers!

Forms are essential for all websites. Contact form 7 allows you to configure simple and more complex forms to receive leads from your website visitors.

This plugin is completely free.

An alternative to Contact Form 7 is the popular premium plugin Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms has a lot of advanced features and a very powerful form builder.