Best Instagram Feed plugin for WordPress

Instagram is one of the most widely adopted social networks. People are sharing their life through pictures and then their audience likes those. The reach and engagement on Instagram are very high.

You can now embed your Instagram feed on your WordPress website with IG Feed plugin. This free WordPress plugin allows you to display multiple feeds on your website template.

It is pretty easy to setup as no coding is required. You don’t need to be a developer. The display is fully responsive, even on mobile. You can customize the Instagram feeds via powerful shortcodes (width, height, number of pictures displayed, image size, etc…). You can select to display pictures in random order or chronological order.

With this plugin, you’ll increase the engagement on your Instagram account thanks to the follow button below the feed.


Best Slider plugin for WordPress

Over the last few years, websites have started to be animated with nice sliders. A slider is a way to make your design more dynamic and appealing for your visitors.

In WordPress, the most popular slider plugin is Layer Slider. It is very powerful and advanced.

The following features are included :

  • Dynamic slider content from posts/pages
  • Responsive slider
  • Built-in slider editor
  • A lot of slide transitions

This is a premium plugin but it is worth the investment.

Best brute force prevention plugin for WordPress

You are worried that someone could come and hack your WP user account with a brute force attack? Don’t worry anymore! Thanks to Limit login attempts, your account is now safe!

You can configure the plugin to lock out users for a period of time after they failed X times to login because of wrong login/password combinations. You can also get notified about it. The plugin will log the banned IP so that you can track those.

Best site migration plugin for WordPress

Usually, when you perform website development, you create your website on a development environment and then once the development phase is completed, you move the website to the production server. This process involves a change in the URLs.

With WP Migrate DB, the migration process is much simpler to handle. This plugin will dump your WordPress database and allow you to find and replace automatically patterns in the database. It can even replace serialized data!

Best Image Optimizer plugin for WordPress

Page loading time is a critical factor for your audience. In order to optimize it, you need to compress your pictures as much as you can. EWWW Image Optimizer will perform a lossless compression of all your images.

It relies on popular compression tools like jpegtran, JPEGmini, optipng and pngout. With this plugin, your images will be smaller and page loading time will be improved.

Best Newsletter creation plugin for WordPress

If you are looking for a solution to build and deliver your newsletter directly from your WordPress blog, then Mail Poet is for you!

This plugin has the following features :

  • Automated delivery of new posts
  • Newsletter creation and delivery
  • Users can sign-up to newsletter
  • Autoresponders

There is a premium version available if you have more than 2.000 subscribers.

Best PHP code widget plugin for WordPress

If you want to have very dynamic widgets, you can install PHP code widget. This plugin will allow you to insert PHP code directly in widgets. The widgets containing PHP code can then be added to a sidebar or a footer. This is pretty convenient if you need to run custom code but you don’t want to register your own widgets.

For security reasons, only users with the right capabilities can insert PHP code in widgets.